Chazen Museum of Art

Location: Madison, WI 

Architect: Continuum Architects and Planners

General Contractor: Findorff

Installer: PCI


  • Fiberglass acoustic panels
Over 81,000 sq. ft. of fiberglass acoustical panels were installed in the lobby and common areas of the University of Wisconsin, Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI. Architects sought the guidance of Hughes Group in solving multiple complex design problems and logistical obstacles, while sourcing products that would accommodate all requirements.

Hughes Group proved instrumental in solving the design issue surrounding the architect's vision of a diamond shaped ceiling. The East Coast Design Architect did not have the support of the specified manufacturer for the ceiling, so the local Architect of Record reached out to Hughes Group to help. Hughes collaborated on a new product to solve the design issue and provided a multi-dimensional intersection for the acoustic ceiling suspension, which allowed each panel to be accessible and secured in the ceiling. All custom panels went in seamlessly.