Big 10 Headquarters

Location: Rosemont, IL

Architect: Ratio Architects

Installer: Quality Interiors


  • Historical Terracotta Cladding System
  • Shamal Custom Curved Panels for Columns, Red Orange, Smooth
Sitting in a suburb of Chicago, the Big 10 Headquarters features over 24,000 square feet of a historical terracotta cladding solution and 500 linear feet of Shamal sunscreen baguettes in Red-Orange. Custom, curved terracotta tiles were created to wrap the round columns at the building’s entrance.

Hughes Group worked with architects and installers to run the aluminum sub framing diagonally across the structural metal stud framing. This distributed the weight of the cladding & wind loads across the building equally—not overloading any one stud. This radically innovative engineering solution was virtually unknown and has not been replicated since on any Hughes project, although load distribution should be considered on more projects.

The unique solution not only helped cladding cost but the provided savings in labor and material costs for of the cavity and substructure. Designing with the end in mind, Hughes Group proved that Architects can have high end cladding installed on budget.